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Jumping back in

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post. There’s been a lot of distractions, ups and down (especially downs) recently, so I decided to write a post that would motivate me and let anyone reading know that I aiming to achieve.

Ever since I’ve went back to the UK in January, I’ve noticed that my Japanese level has dropped considerably. I don’t feel as comfortable speaking or reading Japanese compared to December last year. There are lots of reasons, the main one being I lost the motivation to study and falling into the comfort zone of speaking English. Since it’s such a waste to let my efforts just degrade like this, I decided to jump back in and start studying again and achieve my goal of being fluent in this language.

It can be tough when you have work and generally have other things to do but I remembered an analogy I once saw when I started learning Japanese. It was referring to time and how we always have some spare time achieve our goals. I remember in my first year of living in Japan, I would spend the time commuting in crowded trains going through example sentences to understand grammar points. The 5 minute walk to the office to get some new Japanese vocabulary out of the way or even the 30 seconds sitting in the toilet to go over a point I learned in the morning. The biggest difference between the Kevin back then and now is that I was desperate to learn Japanese. In order to become like that again, I given myself some goals.

Japanese isn’t the only thing I want to improve in right now. I’m currently trying to learn web design and photography whilst trying to strengthen my web programming skills. So I’ve decided on three goals to help me improve all these skills. Firstly, I will take the Japanese Language Proficiency N2 exam this year. I took it last year but ended up failing. Secondly, I will release my portfolio site by the end of this year. Lastly, I will release another site which uses what I have learnt about photography.

Now that I’ve declared my goals to anyone who has read this post I have no choice but to achieve them. Once again, I feel desperate to achieve my goals.

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