Photo of the Week #2 - Enoden

On my second week, there was something special that a lot of tourists and even the Japanese come all the way to take pictures of and that was the train that I always using to get to work. This train is know as the Enoden or as the Enoshima Electric Railway. So I decided to follow suit and grab a picture myself. I think it’s a pretty good picture if I say so myself. Without further ado, here is my shot of the Enoden:

The Enoden train just departing from Kamakura-koukoumae station

As I said, the Enoden is quite a popular train where from 2008 has carried around 15 million people despite it only have 2 - 3 carriages and coming every 12 minutes. It first started running from 1st September 1902 and the track is only 10km long with 15 stations. I believe what makes this train so special is the scenery that can be seen. You can see various types of landscapes from beaches to mountains to very traditional residential areas all within a span of around 30 minutes of riding the train. It connects Fujisawa City which is know for the infamous Enoshima island as I mentioned in my previous article to Kamakura where tourists flock to see the variety of shrines and temples that reside there and also the second biggest Buddha statue in Japan.

Due to it’s popularity it is mentioned a lot in Japanese media. I think its most famous reference is in the very popular Slam Dunk manga and anime opening where you can see a glimpse of the Enoden at in 0:53 the video I have placed below:

Well that concludes my article on the Enoden, I hope you enjoyed it, keep your eyes peeled for the next photo of the week!

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