Photo of the Week #1 - Kugenuma

Recently I ended up buying a DSLR camera to capture more moments while I’m out especially since I am back in Japan and also for the sake of the blog. I really want to show people what I see but right now I’m an amateur at photography so it will take time for me to express what I want to show to the readers. So I decided to start this series of posts where I can try and improve my photography and give you a brief weekly update of what I have been doing.

To begin, here is my first photo (don’t laugh at my amateurism too hard):

The beach nearby my place in Kugenuma

As I mentioned earlier, I moved back to Japan last week and now I’m temporarily staying in a place called Kugenuma. This is located about an hour away from Tokyo in the neighbouring prefecture called Kanagawa. It is an extremely residential area where there is nothing but houses. After adventuring for about 30 minutes around the area I found a beach called Shounan Kaigan Park. Even though it was quite chilly there were lot’s of people at the beach mainly surfing and some doing volleyball and all sorts of sports. Around the beach are a few cafes and in the background in the picture you can see the famous Enoshima Island which garners lots of tourists every year.

There is a lot more for me to explore around here but if there is anything people would like me to check out and write a post about, please do let me know. I would be happy to do so. Thanks for reading!

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